Beaumont Pet Sitting Service


Just what does a pet sitter do?  I visit your home and care for your home and your animals, just as you normally do.  I feed, water, clean up, scoop or change litter or bedding, exercise and play, and administer medication.  I also pick up the mail and the paper, turn lights off or on, put out trash cans, open and shut blinds, and clean up any messes the animals make.  I try to arrange my visits to be as close to your pet’s normal routine as possible.  I generally do not stay overnight or live in the home, because I have a family and pets of my own to take care of.  I also do not take your dog into my home. 

I charge by the visit, and the number of visits will depend on what your pet needs.  If you have a pet like a snake who doesn’t need to eat every day, I can visit as little as once every few days.  Most cat owners have me visit once or twice a day, although every other day is permissible.  Dogs can have two visits a day if they are outside or have access to the yard during the day.  Dogs who do not have free access to the yard will need three or four visits per day, depending on how long they are used to waiting to go out.  I generally start at 7:30-8:00am and do the last let-outs at 10:00-10:30pm.  See my rates page for the cost per visit. 

Why choose Beaumont Pet Sitting?  As a Beaumont resident, I am your neighbor and able to reach your house in just a few minutes.  I have many years of experience with animals and have taken a class in veterinary first aid.  I have reliable transportation in case your pet needs to get to the vet quickly.   I am bonded and insured, and pay taxes as a legitimate business.  Additionally, as a school volunteer and former teacher, I have been fingerprinted and background checked.  You can trust me to show up and care for your pet and house as if they were my own.  I’ll happily provide references if you’d like them. 

Call or text me at 859-513-0162 to set up a FREE consultation!  I’ve set up this service just for you.  You can also email:

Hello and welcome to my website!  My name is Kristen Fowler, and I am a Beaumont resident.  I am a small business owner, mother of two daughters, and volunteer for the Fayette County Schools and the Lexington Humane Society.  I have owned cats, dogs, fish, birds, pocket pets, reptiles, and horses for many years.  We currently have two small dogs and four very sweet cats to call our own.  In addition, we often have a roomful of foster kittens on loan from the Humane Society. 

A pet sitting service for the west Harrodsburg road area in Lexington, Kentucky